2011-07-01 05:37:25Collation of visualisation ideas mentioned - for discussion
Paul D


I have listed here all the ideas I think various people have mentioned on this forum regarding the development of the visualisation.
It's up for discussion and additions...

1. Add search feature - returns list of papers and updates graphic display. Could also be based on categories. Really the form can determine how the information is requested eg. drop down menus, search box etc. (Paul)

2. Republish the interactive history but with skeptic/proAGW using Naomi Oreskes' definition. (John)

3. Stack the circles in order of year instead of letting them distribute randomly;  this gives a much better idea of the growth of the subject, and of lulls that occurred. (Wiscombe Warren)

4. Make big circles for the obviously important papers. (Wiscombe Warren)

5. Rather than a slider, which requires very fine motor movement to move from one year to the next, a standard forward arrow button that moves forward one year would be easier on those of us with poor fine motor control;  ditto a back button. (Wiscombe Warren)

Scroll buttons at each end (Glenn Tamblyn)

6. Key events in history display (John)

7. Display key events in a window of some sort (Paul)

8. Paged research paper list. Max number of papers displayed is say 20, then 'next' and/or 'previous' buttons/links displayed to page to next/prev page of papers. (Paul)

9. plot the annual amount of denier funding for the past few years against the right half of the chart (email - Greg Hooper)

10. Change cursor when circle rolled over (Paul).

11. Upgrade to Raphael 2.0 when/if available. Might fix IE9 problems.

12. Do an HTML5 version??

13. Set the smallest (single paper) circles to a minimum size and expand the display area to accommodate more papers being added. Other circles (with more than 1 paper) would be proportionally scaled up from 1 paper circle (Paul).

14. Improve performance of the app.