2011-06-18 03:20:31DeSmog
Paul D


Looks like it is unstoppable now :-)


2011-06-18 05:30:43
Ari Jokimäki


Looks like it's what I was afraid it was going to be: people treat it as a complete database, while it's only a scratch of surface.

2011-06-18 17:47:27
Paul D


I've added a comment on the Desmog article countering Cosmic Rays comment.

2011-06-19 19:43:31
Paul D


Geckko said

"scepticalscience" is single interest blog started and run by a cartoonist (!!).

2011-06-20 10:35:35Cartoonist slur
John Cook


Posted this on another thread but will repeat it here:

The cartoonist slur comes because over the last few decades since I did my physics degree, I've dabbled in a number of things - graphic design, cartoons, web programming. I even drew a few cartoons for SkS:



I've thought long and hard about whether to get more active about cartooning, use it in climate messaging, worried it would lead to more "SkS is run by a cartoonist" slurs (and also the extra workload). I'm now thinking I *should* use cartoons more in messaging. We need to use anything and everything to get the message across and not shy from trying things because it might attract criticism. Deniers will throw any mud at us anyway and if they can't find anything, will make stuff up (nuclear weapon, anyone?). So now just the tiny problem - finding more time in the day...