2011-06-14 00:40:00What is the next step?
Paul D


There is an important issue with the current version...

If to many papers are added then eventually  the current code will make the smallest circles slow down a lot.
It won't kill the app, but it's not very cool.

There are only two solutions.

1. I think I can fix the small circle slow down issue. However this does not resolve the fact that eventually the smallest (1 paper) circles will either become one pixel dots or completely dissapear.

2. The second and actually my prefered solution, is to set a minum size for the smallest (1 paper) circle and let the application literally expand potentially forever as far as page/browser space goes. The other larger circles will just get bigger relative to the smallest circle as papers are added. As new papers are added then the applications area on screen gets bigger, so that a visitor has to scroll around the app using the broser scroll bars.

Then there are all the other nice to haves.

BTW even if I don't get a job soon (had an interview last week and got a test for another next week) I won't be able to work as productively as I did on this first version.

2011-06-14 00:55:47
Paul D


BTW still no news on Rapahel 2.0:


2011-06-14 09:14:37
Glenn Tamblyn




How are you calculating circle size. Diameter proportional to paper count or area proportional to paper count?

2011-06-14 16:33:57
Paul D


Area of course!

Using the diameter would be misleading graphically.