2011-06-06 15:39:04Positive feedback on visualisation
John Cook


Paul, got this email, thought you'd find it encouraging:

Your Interactive History of Climate Science is the most inspired and coolest thing I have seen on the web. It conveys just so much information in such a concise way and I am awe-inspired by the creativity of its designers.

2011-06-06 18:20:21
Glenn Tamblyn


Hubba Hubba

2011-06-07 01:06:32
Paul D


OK its good, but if they think it's the coolest thing on the web then they need to get around more :-)

2011-06-07 19:55:02
Paul D


Had a look at your Facebook page, noticed it had above average number of 'Likes'.


2011-06-10 01:44:20
Paul D



John Cook of Skeptical Science and others have put together an interactive history of climate science (super cool to play with!) and had a good post on it on Tuesday.