2011-05-18 17:30:24Some suggestions
Ari Jokimäki


Now that the link adding race is over, it is time to start thinking how to proceed. One source that I have used when adding links is journal archive pages. In particular I have been adding papers from Global Change Biology, starting from the earliest numbers. I think I'm currently adding 2003 papers there. I chose this journal, because almost all papers there are easily assigned to certain arguments (CO2 increases vegetation, carbon cycle is uncertain, animals and plants can adapt, negative feedbacks from vegetation will cancel global warming). It would be easier to add papers, if we wouldn't have to scratch our heads for each paper to see what argument they fit into. Every now and then I had to skip papers there because I couldn't think of an argument they would fit.

So, here's the first suggestion: we should create a "temp" argument where we can add piles of papers rapidly. Classification can be done afterwards and I think classification could even be slightly easier for bunch of papers instead of one paper at time. We could also create some general climate science bins instead of trying to stuff all the papers under denier arguments.

Second, we could start adding all the papers from all the relevant journals. Journal of climate for example might be a good place to start. There are some journals where practically all the papers are relevant.