2011-05-09 10:13:19YouTube version of Ville's visualisation - what do we all think?
John Cook


Ville, I like the idea of having a YouTube video of the visualisation - with the slider moving from 1950 to present day. However, it would require a few things:

1. Somehow capture video of the visualisation moving from 1950 to 2011. Whether this be done by programming or someone just manually moving it across, whatever works

2. Possibly pausing the video at key moments and adding a little box "Tyndal proves greenhouse effect with lab experiment", etc. I suggest rather than code this in Ville's javascript which is very high maintenance way of doing it, we do this with YouTube's note feature. I have no idea how this works though.

3. End with "to see interactive version go to..." that then links direct to our page - I've seen YouTubes with hyperlinks in the video so this is possible

So my questions:

1. Is this a good idea? I think it will help promote the visualisation, generate more interest. People can embed the video in blog posts which is a great promotional tool. I'll probably be talking to The Climate Show on May 18 so if we have a YouTube video, we can include that in the interview. And more eyeballs is always the end goal.

2. If people agree, then how do we capture the video? Ville, would it be much trouble to do a special separate version just for the purpose of capturing the video?

3. I don't think I'll get time over this week to figure out how to get the YouTube aspect working. Does anyone want to take on this task? I have a SkepticalScience YouTube account (no videos there yet) so I can grant access to any person/people that want to work on this, whether individually or as a group

4. One last comment - the probable release date for this will be May 18 when I get back from the Canberra book launch (Ville is itching to launch this sucker). So we would need to get the YouTube finished by then (keeping in mind I'll be on the road from May 15 to 18 so my contribution over those last few days will be very limited).

2011-05-09 17:46:01
Paul D


Yes I think it is a good idea. I'm not sure I have the time to code it to run automatically at the moment. I'm frantically applying for any job that is half appealing and a few that aren't. For some reason Southampton Uni has lost my job application account and the last job app I applied for there.
I'll have a think about it. I suggest doing a manual version initially then if I get some time the video could be replaced later using the auto one. At least start doing the manual one, then you'll have a chance of getting something finished.

Is there a screen capture tool that could be used, to create the video?

Added: hmmm, Southampton Uni say they got my application but they are still shortlisting, after a month????!!
Oh well, might still get an interview.

2011-05-11 18:04:55
Glenn Tamblyn


A video would be a good idea. However I would wait on that till everything alse is working well and we have good number of papers in the database.

To simplify the video, could the key moments box actually be part of the visualiser. How much work is that Ville. Since I understand you are working in XML, hopefully not too much to set up the mechanism, just a matter of populating the XML for target years. Then could be updated if more key events are added.

2011-05-12 01:56:27
Paul D


I have been through this already Glenn.
I love the idea of key moments as well!
The key moments idea is difficult to code, there are a number of reasons why. The data/XML have been worked out and isn't an issue.
I have already experimented with an idea and know what direction it would have to take. The best solution is to have a scrolling list of the moments in some sort of window that would react to the slider, but it isn't straight forward to code and would need some work.
So far it has been important to focus on getting the basics right.

There are other features that could be added, including a search facility. As I have stated, there is no reason why new features couldn't be added later, released as new versions.

2011-05-17 05:46:10comment
Robert Way


I noted the wingham paper was listed under 2010 (wingham 2006) and it says its a skeptic paper when it isn't really. Wingham isn't a skeptic and the paper isn't either. :P

Either way this visualization is awesome. There are some pretty simple screen recording softwares you could use and there are other options for voice ...etc...