2011-05-05 18:31:27Forum change?
Ari Jokimäki


I suggest renaming this forum to something about the whole peer-reviewed paper database, and moving all the discussions on the database here.

2011-05-06 03:30:40Sounds good to me
Alex C


I don't have a problem renaming this section.  I think that since we still don't really have a strategy with PopTech yet, and much of our discussion here is still about categorizing, that would be a good idea.

Of course, if we are (John is) going to do that, the this will have to be moved out of the Disinformation Deniers forum.

Personally too, I think I'll get more feedback if such a change happens.  I've asked for second opinions in a few circumstances and haven't received much input from people yet, probably because this forum isn't frequented much I would imagine.

A question too, would that also include threads about the animation that The Ville is working on?  And other topics dealing with what we'll do with the animation/databse too?  I think that would be reasonable.

2011-05-06 16:27:02Made the change
John Cook


Good idea too, group all those separate threads into the one forum. It's no longer a sub-category either, it's a parent category

2011-05-07 05:51:54
Paul D


I have stopped working on it for a while.

Partly because:

1. Got a dose of RSI. It's not to bad now, but that is after about two weeks reduced computer use, cycling etc. It's a long term problem that I was first inflicted with about 12 years ago. Since then I have managed doing part time teaching until last year.

2. I had to focus on job hunting, which I still am. This is a big problem for a lot of different reasons. I think I almost got 'sanctioned' by the 'Jobcentre' this week, when I told them I had been learning AJAX/Javascript etc. We have a 'not fit for purpose' system in the UK where if you improve your skills whilst job hunting, the beuroocrats and 'jobs worths' think you are avoiding looking for work. I had to explain that in fact the recent interview I had was because I had been 'volunteering' my skills to do the visualisation (didn't get the job though!).

I would really appreciate if the visualisation can be published properly next week. It will give me a hell of a boost in confidence at a time when the best I can currently hope for is a job in a warehouse or worse (I'm actually really serious).

2011-05-07 06:30:24RSI


Sorry to hear about your problems with RSI and job-hunting, The Ville. Unfortunately, I can't help with the job hunt, but having had bouts of RSI as well in the past, I still have links and general information about it readily available. So, if you'd like to get in touch off-list about RSI, here is my email-address: baerbel-for-350 [at] email.de.

2011-05-07 06:52:38Next week publish
John Cook

I'll aim to have the visualization ready to go before Sunday 15. I leave for Sydney on Sunday morning, go to Canberra Monday, Tuesday come back, do a radio interview in Sydney then fly home Tuesday night. So I imagine I'll be wrecked after that. So ideally I'll have the visualization all designed up and ready to launch Wed morning and we'll ship it off then. Otherwise, I'll be spending all of wed catching up on things over my 3 day absence which would delay the visualization launch even further.

I really hope the job hunting and the RSI improve for you soon.

2011-05-07 07:19:53
Paul D


I'm a bit of a veteran when it comes to RSI.

I use a small wacom graphics tablet instead of a mouse. Found that it helps a lot, I found the movements used are different because you are grabbing the tablet pen. I balance the tablet on my leg and type with the pen in my hand, I can then quickly use the tablet when I need to move the cursor. Sounds strange, but I have been doing it for years and it is second nature now.

Of course RSIs are not all the same.
When I first got it, I had nerve tests (basically the doctors send electrical signals up your arm and measure them, Frankenstein like) and they discovered the problem originated in the elbow. I think this is what flared up recently.

2011-05-07 07:39:30
Paul D


That will be something to look forward to next week, if the vis goes live.
I'll expect both positive and negative comments!

I think it will be worth contacting some web sites/blogs that specialise in writing about data visualisation.

If you need any help getting the word around, i'm happy to do my share.

2011-05-07 16:40:34
Ari Jokimäki


When publishing this, remember to emphasize that the peer-review database is very much in state of work in progress: Classification method is still not defined very well. Some areas have more thorough coverage than others. There are thousands of papers still to add. There are all kinds of mistakes in the database.

2011-05-07 19:27:46Peer-review database
John Cook


Agreed, Ari. I was thinking of pitching this as a first step - and encouraging others to join in the crowd sourcing effort, and make the page that displays all the papers more user friendly. Will try to work on it this week. Suggestions welcome on how to package all this, what to say/emphasise in the blog post.

2011-05-07 19:51:11
Rob Painting

Yup, another vote for emphasizing it's a work in progress. Lot's a tidying up to be done, and it will an ongoing process. Lot's of payback in the long run though (I hope!)