2011-07-06 09:13:48Summary of media articles about reactions to Monckton
John Cook


Just recording these for my own use - a summary of reactions to Monckton's tour from various venues:

German clubs ditch Monckton tour…someone tell Ticketek

"German Club president Eddie Reichman confirmed to Crikey that he had spoken and written to the Monckton camp to relay the bad news.

"Comments he made a while back...that was not very pleasing to us," said Reichman.

"It was the backdrop [of the swastika] and the final comment he made... I saw it on the television for that reason, being a German Club, we can't be associated with him."

"I notified them verbally and by writing. It will not be happening at our club," he added.

Sceptic's Nazi jibe ends his lectures

The German Club Tivoli in suburban Windsor scrapped plans to host two speeches by Lord Monckton on July 20 after learning he displayed a swastika next to Professor Garnaut's name and said ''Heil Hitler, on we go'' during a lecture in the US

German Club president Edmund Reichmann said the venue would not host a speaker who used Nazi imagery to attack a public figure unfairly.

''They said that he had apologised, but the apology is not accepted,'' he said. ''We can't accept any speaker under those circumstances.''

The attack on Professor Garnaut was not the first time Lord Monckton accused those he disagrees with of being Nazis.

In December 2009 he accused students who stormed the stage as he delivered a speech in Copenhagen of being ''Hitler Youth''.