2011-06-23 08:32:12The unfolding drama of Swastikagate
John Cook


A brief history of Monckton's latest brain explosion. Popcorn recommended:

16 June: Monckton commits Swastikagate in this recent lecture

21 June: Graham Readfern article in ABC Drum: The environmental Nazi hunter

23 June: By happy coincidence, John Abraham's Conversation piece: The chief troupier: the follies of Mr Monckton

Mainstream Media

22 June: ABC Online News report Monckton compares Garnaut to Hitler

22 June 7:39pm: Brisbane Times Garnaut an eco-fascist, says Monckton

22 June 8:30pm: Daily Telegraph Lord Christopher Monckton likens Professor Ross Garnaut to a Nazi

22 June: ABC Lateline news cover this on TV late Wednesday night

22 June 5:50pm: Channel 7 coverage + direct link to video (complete with video of Monckton's swastika talk)

23 June: The Australian (very conservative, anti-science newspaper) report on Swastikagate and link Monckton to opposition leader Tony Abbott (seriously, you couldn't ask for better reporting than this)

23 June 5am: The West Australian Climate nazi gibe taints tax fight

23 June: Phillip Coorey at Sydney Morning Herald Garnaut called a fascist

23 June 10pm: ABC Monckton welcome at conference despite jibe

23 June: Tweet from @Galileomovement: comments comparing Prof Garnaut’s methods to Hitler, Nazism and fascism are rejected by the .

24 June 7:40am: Adelaide Now: Adelaide German club reviewing Monckton event

24 June: Canberra Times: Lord Monckton 'Nazi' jibe heats up mining conference

26 June: ABC - Monckton apologises for Nazi jibe (Climate change sceptic Christopher Monckton says he was catastrophically stupid to compare the prominent Australian economist Ross Garnaut to Adolf Hitler)

Public figures response to Monckton

23 June 9:30am: Garnaut responds in The Age: Nazi jibes will be harshly judged: Garnaut

23 June 10:10am: Liberal MP Josh Frydenberg labels Lord Monckton 'highly offensive' for his Nazi slur against Ross Garnaut

23 June 12:03pm: Bob Brown issues a media release: Brown says Abbott is unwise to consort with Monckton

23 June 3:58pm: The Age "Mr Abbott said that while he found Lord Monckton's comments "offensive and over the top" he would still be attending the convention"

Responses from the denialosphere

23 June: Anthony Watts throws Monckton under the bus

23 June: Andrew Bolt throws Monckton under the bus as well

23 June: Climate Sceptics party think fascist slur is justified (includes apology from Monckton)

23 June: Some hero worship from Jo Nova: Monckton stirs the pot with a cheap shot, and the media obediently perform

2011-06-23 09:13:32
Dana Nuccitelli

23 June: Andrew Bolt throws Monckton under the bus as well

2011-06-23 09:20:11Wow re Andrew Bolt
John Cook


Andrew Bolt provides the quote of the day:

...he’s gone too far in this deeply pesonal attack and an apology is in order. Without one, it will be unwise for other sceptics to associate themselves with him on his Australian tour.

(pity about the spello)

2011-06-24 18:05:13Sound the Drums, Blow the Trumpets
Glenn Tamblyn


OK. Monckton had a major brain meltdown and he has been hit by some buses - boo hoo.


But even so. STIKE UP THE BAND!


Monckton apologised for something. He Apologised! Just let that role around you brain for a few seconds.

Feels weird doesn't it! Is that light at the end of the tunnel I just glimpsed.

Now we need an email campaign about how Garnaut should sue him for Slander. Maybe flood the other Mad Monk's office with questions about how he can even consider still speaking at the same event if Monckton is allowed in.


Here is a real fantasy - Monckton's tour has to be cancelled. OK its fantasy, but it sure has a great ring to it.

2011-06-24 18:37:10



Can Monckton be sued if he's already apologized?

2011-06-24 19:27:30
Glenn Tamblyn


Not sure


Might be a jurisdiction issue. Slander occured outside Oz of an Ozzie citizen.


Even just the threat of it though. Something about hoisting and petards

2011-06-26 22:58:41Andrew Bolt update
James Wight


Monckton was interviewed on The Bolt Report.