2011-05-20 15:16:38Monckton tour schedule
John Cook

An apparent early schedule for Monckton's visit has been posted here:
I'm wondering if the June 28 conference is this one? (http://www.safetyinmining.com/index.php)
The Southport School breakfasts are very flash, seemingly, with Chris Nyst the next one out. They surely risk future credibility don't they by having Monckton on?
Anyway, here it is
 Monday 27 June   Arrive Perth Australia
Tuesday 28 June   Speech for International Conference in Perth 
Thursday 30 June  PM – Hancock Lecture
Wednesday 6 July  Speech Newcastle -
Thursday 7 July     Western Sydney venue
Friday 8 July          19:00-21:00 North Sydney Leagues Club
Saturday 9 July     AM - No Carbon Rally Speech Sydney  PM – fly to Perth
Sunday 10 July     Day – BOAO Forum Perth
Monday 11 July      BOAO Forum Perth
Tuesday 12 July     Fly to Brisbane and/or Gold Coast
Wednesday 13 July
    07:00-08:30   The Southport School Business Breakfast at Versace Hotel – Gold Coast
   19:00-21:00    Brisbane Broncos Leagues Club awaiting confirmation
Thursday 14 July    Drive to Noosa
Saturday 16 July
  15:00-17:00 Presentation at Noosa Town Hall
  19:00-21:00 repeat Presentation at Noosa Town Hall 
Some of his latest myths were rehearsed on the Alex Jones Show a couple of weeks ago - listen if you dare.
2011-07-23 15:11:33$$$$$$??????


I heard our Lord makes $20,000 US for every speaking engagement. Is there any way to find out how much money he makes?

2011-07-23 15:47:09Doubtful
John Cook


He's pretty tight lipped about the money side of his tours. When asked who funds his trips, he pronounces in a loud, cheerful voice that he has no idea.