2011-04-13 13:08:03Monckton touring Canada and Australia
John Cook


Monckton is likely to tour Australia around July.


This will probably be followed by a Canadian tour:


In Australia, we will be preparing very heavily to counter the Monckton tour, coordinating among various groups and universities. We will probably learn many lessons on what does and doesn't work. So I'll be posting info here as developments proceed so any Canadians here can learn from our experience.

2011-04-13 18:29:01


I'm almost tempted to transfer some money to the "send Monckton" account: about 0.01 EUR.

Drive them batty with teeny contributions.

2011-04-14 15:45:32Latest details - Monckton booked in for Perth, raised $25,000 out of $120,000
John Cook


Online discussion of progress of Monckton's tour: (emphasis mine)

The story so far - Lord Monckton is already booked in Perth and will be coming east to Sydney. In Sydney his brother Tim is Managing director of a financial body. Tim will be organising some boardroom type meetings.

Newcatle NSW is virtually fully financed.

Last time, the tour was financed by Case Smit and John Smeed. As the banker, I can advise that they virtually broke even. Case and John will be assisting again this time.

We need around $120,000 and so far have around $25000. The tour will go ahead - in some form, whether larger or smaller. Ross McKittrick is only pencilled in.


Now it will depend on donations to see how big or small the tour is. At this stage, Ross McKittrick is only pencilled in.


From end of June to Middle of July are the prospective dates!

2011-04-17 16:58:34Monckton booked for a Mining Conference on June 30
John Cook

Monckton's first appearance is already booked. This link takes you to the Programme for the next AMEC conference. AMEC is the association for mining and exploration companies. 
2011-04-17 18:03:05
Glenn Tamblyn


Yep, the Jo Nova show again. What might draw Monckton to WA? Mining company audiences and Jo. She may be a smallplayer on the world skeptic stage but she does like to strut her stuff at home.

2011-04-18 15:08:38Speaking of Jo Nova
John Cook


Jo's holding out the hat for the Monckton tour: