2012-03-13 04:14:21Doug Cotton redux


Remember him? Apparently he's getting published online (not peer-reviewed,naturally) by Principia Scientific Int'l, which is run by the authors of "Slaying the Sky Dragon".


Should be appalling.

2012-03-13 09:10:14
Dikran Marsupial
Gavin Cawley

So that is what happens to papers that are too bad even for Energy & Environment! ;o)

2012-03-14 23:13:15
Dikran Marsupial
Gavin Cawley

Too bad even for WUWT



2012-03-15 00:17:26
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

( - Super-Mega-Facepalm - )

2012-03-15 01:11:30


Yep - "Slaying the Sky Dragon", Doug Cotton, and other '2nd Law' denialists; they're finally too far off the map for even major 'skeptics' like Watts and Singer to deal with.

2012-03-15 06:48:36
Dana Nuccitelli

Wow, that's embarrassing - so bad as to get dissed by Anthony Watts, Fred Singer, and Roy Spencer.

On the plus side, we're finally seeing the deniers criticize each other rather than operating under the 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' rule.  It seems they decided the dumbest deniers like Cotton and Bastardi are making the rest of them look bad (which is certainly true).

2012-03-17 02:23:20
Doc Snow
Kevin McKinney

I think you called it right elsewhere, Dana--they're going to 'Plan B.'

2012-03-17 07:45:37
Andy S


I'm starting to see a trend emerging here. Some of the more reasonable less ridicously extreme conservatives are starting to realize that denying reality has consequences. See Ann Coulter. I don't think that it will be that easy for them to reverse this trend, the "moderates" having turned a blind eye to the nutters for so long. My prediction: a defeat for the extremists in the next US election as a result of the GOP alienating the reasonable, the women, the young and the Hispanics; the extremists will then deny the validity of the vote as they have denied Obama's nationality and religion, and this will split the conservative realists from the tea-baggers. If only that would happen in the climate issue, leaving us only with the task of debating lukewarmers, who at least accept the basic science.

2012-03-17 08:05:19Random political musings...


In the long run, for the good of the US, I'm actually hoping for Santorum to become the Republican nominee. Obama would beat him handily (not as overwhelming as the 2008 election, but quite strongly), and it could provide a "Goldwater moment" for the Republicans - moving them back to the center a bit. 

But that's probably wishful thinking on my part. I suspect Romney will get the nomination, there will be a much closer election, the Republicans won't learn anything, and they'll continue with the hyperpartisan extremism...


With 'skeptics' start throwing the tin-hatter's off the back of the sleigh (to return to the topic) - I just have to consider that progress. Slow progress, but progress nevertheless.