2012-02-26 11:46:44The Manic Mechanical Rabbit Gambit
John Hartz
John Hartz

Someone working in the bowels of the Evil Empire must have developed "The Manic Mechanical Rabbit Gambit" that we have recently experienced on the SkS comment threads. My imagery is of the mechnical rabit that is typically used a Greyhound dog racing tracks in the US (and perhaps elsewhere.)

The climate denier drone is trained to get a bunchg of SkS authors chasing hm/her around the track by adroitly posting strings of factoids and/or questions. This technique has been used by jday123 and his incarnationsans, Adam, etc.,

We have to find away to derail the mechanical rabbit before it gets into the back stretch. Our greyhounds have better things to do than to chase after it.  

2012-02-27 10:42:29


One response to the greyhound gambit would be to tie the perp to the front of a greyhound.


Idiots who in railway carriages scribble on window panes

 we only suffer to ride on the buffer of parliamentary trains.

Our object all sublime

we shall acheive in time

to make the punishment fit the crime.


(A parliamentary train was a train required by law to carry low-fare passengers.)