2012-01-20 17:03:04saltspringson
Andy S


I don't think saltspringson is going to follow up his Gish Gallop with trolling but, just in case, I wanted to say that I know of the guy since he lives near me. He (Eric Booth) is a realtor and a local-politics shit-disturber but I don't think he's a bad guy (I've really only met him once). He's a good friend and political ally of a friend of mine. 

He has a blog http://islandstrust.wordpress.com/author/saltspringson/ (head-vise recommended).

His views on climate are idiotic but he's not the biggest local idiot, that prize goes to Elizabeth Nickson who is a barking-mad ex-columnist for the National Post (she was fired for plagiarism, years ago).  

See here http://saltspringfolly.com/blog/2011/02/24/lean-and-mean-but-clean/#comment-568

They're chafing because a substantial majority of their neighbours elected Canada's first Green MP.