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Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey
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apiratelooksat50 at 07:22 AM on 17 January 2012

Puget Sound, Under Threat From Ocean Acidification, Put on "Waters of Concern" List
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I will respect your interpretation and administration of the Comments Policy. I did not intend to make insinuations of ideology and impropriety, and am not sure that I did. My apologies if my statement came across that way.

Perhaps I should have used the word selective instead when referring to the press release issued by the CBD. The original research clearly lists natural and anthropogenic nutrient enrichment as the dominant cause of hypoxic and acidifying conditions in the bay. A reasonable attempt to estimate the amount and the impact of antropogenic CO2 is made. There premises have validity and as a scientist I think it justifies the need for further research.

However, the CBD press release only refers to the absorption of CO2 by the oceans and ignores the nutrient enrichment issue. This may not be entirely the fault of the CBD staffer who wrote the press release because they don't have a science background.

And, before that gets struck through or deleted, from an interview with one of the founders of the CBD, Kieran Suckling, published in the 12-21-09 issue of the High Country news:

HCN Were you hindered by not having science degrees?

SUCKLING No. It was a key to our success. I think the professionalization of the environmental movement has injured it greatly. These kids get degrees in environmental conservation and wildlife management and come looking for jobs in the environmental movement. They've bought into resource management values and multiple use by the time they graduate. I'm more interested in hiring philosophers, linguists and poets. The core talent of a successful environmental activist is not science and law. It's campaigning instinct. That's not only not taught in the universities, it's discouraged.