2012-01-11 01:46:55Galloping Camel is back
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Now carpet-bombing the Global Warming: Trend and Variation thread with links to the SPPF and WUWT.


  • gallopingcamel at 17:16 PM on 10 January 2012
    Global Warming: Trend and Variation
    This camel is assembling a team to review the IPCC's AR5 "Zero Order Draft" documents. It will be called "Project Balance" and you are all invited to join the review team. I don't want anyone to claim that we "cherry picked" the reviewers.
  • gallopingcamel at 17:05 PM on 10 January 2012
    Global Warming: Trend and Variation
    Ooops! Sorry about that! I must have pushed the "Submit" button accidentally. Let me try to straighten things out.

    In spite of our differences of opinion John Cook always struck me as a decent human being in our "off line" discussions. My departure from this site was driven by the evolution of its moderation policy towards that of Joe Romm's "Climate Progress".

    For 12 years I worked at the Duke University Free Electron Laser Laboratory building the brightest gamma ray source in the world. It irritated me that I shared a car park with folks at the Nicholas School of the Environment engaged in "Squishy" science. Gabi Hegerl and William Chameides come to mind.

    Suddenly I am proud of my ex-colleagues in the Duke Physics department. Specifically, Robert G. Brown and Nicola Scafetta. Here are a couple of links that you should take very seriously:



    To answer my own question posed in #52 above:

    If Scafetta is right the world can return to rational energy policies saving hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Freedom and prosperity riding together!
2012-01-11 06:19:44
Rob Painting

Can't they just stay away? I was really glad to get rid of the Bereyeni Peter guy. He made a giant clusterfrack comment on my ocean warming post, and has been too embarrassed to come back. We don't need them coming back, but as we grow to reach more ears and eyeballs, they probably will.