2012-01-10 19:19:21Ouch...
Glenn Tamblyn


Unfortunately this comment about the comments policy hits home. http://www.skepticalscience.com/2012-SkS-Weekly-Digest_1.html#71512

Not targetting anyone because we are all guilty at times. But his point is valid. Our moderation policy on topics like ad-homs etc MUST be black & white and scrupulous.

We MUST enforce these standards even when we may be having a bad-hair day. Or a bad-Poptech day. Somehow we all need a way of venting our frustrations (real, many and grating) without them transferring over to the public site. And for those who are both moderatoors and commenters this is quadruply hard. But we have to.


Maybe what we need here in the Forum is not so much a sin-bin, but a Dump-bin. Somewhere where we can indulge every angry, crude, violent aggresive urge we have, just to let it out. Then go back to the public site refreshed and calm. We all know that those ignorant stupid mendacious Sons-Of-Bitches NEED THEIR NOSES RUBBED INTO HOW JUST MONSTROUSLY INHUMAN THEY ARE. HOW WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO SHOW THE IGNORANT ARSE-HOLES HOW LITTLE THEY KNOW AND HOW THAY ARE RISKING OUR CHILDRENS FUTURE WITH THEIR BLIND IGNORANT RAVINGS. POOH-BUMB-SHIT-FUCK. WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO MAKE THESE CRETINS SEE EVEN A MODICUM OF SENSE? GOD I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THEIR SCRAWNY NECKS AND TWIST AND SQUEASE UNTIL THEY BEG FOR.... Um.... Something ... sort of ... like that.

Now didn't that feel good!

Perhaps what we need to add to the Forum is the 'Dumpster'. A single thread where every rule of civilised behaviour is suspended for the simple cathartic benefit that it might offer. Then go back to the public site, all mellow and civilised discourse.