2011-12-19 10:34:20Some concerns about moderation of JDey123


Okay, I am not a moderator, and I doubt there was much chance of constructive dialogue with JDEY123, but I thought the moderating of post of analogy with financial markets was pretty heavy handed. At its core is belief that climate models are like statistical models and so that should have been discussed. Surely just the bad tone at bottom could have been snipped as reminder of what is required. This would have avoided the tirade and got something of use out there.

2011-12-19 11:23:01
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Phil, apologies as I could only attend to moderating part-time today.  By the time I could moderate via the laptop James had gotten far out of hand (many choice trolling comments, including taunting, had already been deleted [some by me]).  But note that James had ample time to amend his ways to avoid banishment.

In any event, he is back as a sock-puppet in the form of mace.

2011-12-19 11:59:09
Dan Friedman

He came in on the wrong thread yesterday, got a couple of nicely worded pointers and then went ballistic today over models today.  His point yesterday was that if models didn't all exactly agree on tomorrow's weather, there was no 'concensus'.  No clue of what he was talking about. 


If you see what had to be deleted, you'll see he had plenty of time to play nice, but did not.

2011-12-19 16:54:55
John Mason


Sounds like a serial troll to me!!

Cheers - John