2011-11-09 15:53:16apiratelooksat50 = sasquatch
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Same IP address, same ISP, same employer, nearly identical passwords, both identities created at about the same time.  I called mike on it here.

Opinions on sock-puppetry in this case?

2011-11-09 20:25:26
John Cook

Pretty suss. Do they post at the same time? Or worse, in the same conversation?
2011-11-09 23:11:40
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Intitally, both posted in the same month then sasquatch took a number of months off.  I haven't checked on the same time/thread thing but will when I get the chance.


Umm, "suss"?

2011-11-10 05:45:02
Rob Painting

Suss = suspect/suspicious. Downunder lingo.

2011-11-10 06:12:23


That really, really ticks me off, because I offered to engage in an exchange with him by e-mail.  We did so for a while, and he agreed that I had convinced him that (a) the added CO2 in the atmosphere must be anthropogenic and (b) that the denial arguments to the contrary included flat out lies, fabrications and misrepresentations to make it seem otherwise.

We then advanced the conversation towards how we know that CO2 contributes to warming, except he faded then due to other time commitments but promised he'd get back to it.

We never did.

I haven't pushed it with him because he's also been absent (for the most part) from posting on SkS, so I assumed he was still busy.  Sasquatch, on the other hand, has been very visible of late.  When pirate does post, I ask him when he's going back to our discussion, and he says "I'll get there."

I wonder if he switched to Sasquatch just to avoid that?

The point here is that he already admitted to one thing (the added 110 ppm of CO2 is anthropogenic in origin, as easy as it was), must have seen how he had been duped by denial false-arguments, had an opportunity to advance his knowledge further... and now has retreated to become Sasquatch.

Ticks me off.