2011-10-24 01:06:29Poster to keep an eye on: cjshaker
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Based on today's activity alone, someone to keep an eye on.  His history is to post questions and links which seemingly show an interest in learning, but never follows up on those (no attempts to dialogue).  His previous history was to do this sporadically; today's mass posting on many threads may represent a new phase of activity.  Collectively, both prior to today coupled with today, his pattern of activity suggests an intent to sow doubt/dissemble, so chris is wandering into troll-like activity.

Some background on cjshaker (since he makes no effort to hide his identity):

Chris Shaker

  • Age 51/52
  • Bend, Oregon (sometimes posts from Portland)
  • Retired computer programmer

There is plenty more available via LinkdIn, Facebook and similar networking sites.  On a hunch, I searched the OISM signee database but came up empty.

Based on the totality of what I've written above, and other stuff I learned, Chris seems to come from a background predisposed to ideological bias against the results that climate science has learned.  Essentially, he comes from the "draw your curves and then plot the data that conforms to it" stock.

It could be argued that Norman is a similar type, ideologically.


2011-10-24 01:16:16
Dikran Marsupial
Gavin Cawley

I made a point in my reples to some of his posts to suggest that his MO gives the impression that he is not very interested in the answers, hopefully he might get the hint and change his MO.  Worth a try.

2011-10-25 04:12:11


I had a lot of fun by thanking him for one of his intended-to-be-misinformation-and-slam-the-science links, and standing it on its head (from his point of view) to turn it into a science-positive.


I wish they were all that easy to deal with.