2011-09-27 12:55:50Disclosure options


Hello folks - my first contribution here. My apologies if this replicates other threads - I'm still looking through the Authors Forum.

I've been posting on places like WUWT, Jonova, and the like, with the idea that some number of visitors are actually curious (as opposed to convinced). I sent some comments to John:

I'm seeing a number of folks on various blogs posting that they have been moderated out of SkS - that their 'quite reasonable' posts were deleted post-haste because they disagreed with the 'consensus'. One in particular, "Smokey" at WUWT, claims that two posts of his were deleted immediately.

Now, I've been aware of the users.php page for some time, and have used it to check various claims regarding moderation. Hence I'm aware that "Smokey" has never posted under that name. Might this not be made more available to the general public in terms of openness?


In fact, I would add the following:

- Open search on individual posters (thus proof-testing their "They deleted my great post!" complaints)

- Dates on all moderation comments

- A list of deleted comments, akin to the RealClimate "Bore Hole" (which seems to work fairly well)

- Pre-edit and post edit comments, -with dates-


I think this might take the wind out of various folks sails. I realize it's a fair bit of work (Sorry, John), but given that SkS is attracting a lot of attention due to being effective, perhaps useful.