2011-09-22 00:45:01Moderation of thread "SkS Responses to Pielke Sr. Questions"


I don't think we should force people in any direction if they conform to the rules. Our interest in moving along with Roger Pielke should not limit commenters. This Pielke story is monopolizing our interest, resources and now even comments.

At the cost of being annoying, I repeat the we should go back on track.

2011-09-25 00:39:08Riccardo
John Hartz
John Hartz

I was being coached by Neal in real time to get commentors to move on to the next topic. It was the  right  thing to do.

In hindsight, we should have established some house rules at the outset.

Alos in hindiight,  it would have been better to deal with each of Pielke's responses in a separate post in order to keep the comment threads focues on a sinlge issue.

All things considered, I beleive that our decision to engage Pielke in multiple posts was the correct choice. The saga will continue with the posting of Dana's "Agreements" article.