2011-09-07 08:55:58Albatross Duplicates


Pertaining to this comment by Albatross.

The original comment lacked an end-italics tag.  it looks like both Dikran and I edited the comment at the exact same time to insert the missing tag.  This resulted in two copies of the comment (a slight bug in the site, apparently, but not a horrible one).

Interestingly, when I saw this I deleted my copy.  Later, apparently, Albatross deleted the same copy.  I know this because my ID was on the deleted copy first, then some time later when I was looking at the deleted comments, I saw Albatross as the deleter-of-record on the deleted copy.

There was also a later deleted comment there, by Albatross, wondering what was going on, so I thought I'd post this note here to provide some explanation.

2011-09-07 09:14:48
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Yeah, I've seen this before.  It is most apparent when one moderator is editing a comment and another deletes it at the same time.  In that case, the editing moderator is charged with the deletion & usually makes a "WTH?" comment in the remarks section of the deleted comment reason tag.

2011-09-07 10:30:35
Julian Brimelow

Thanks for explaining Sphaerica-- at the end of the day it was my haste and carelessness that initiated all of this, sorry!