2011-07-25 18:05:08What does SSDD stand for?
John Cook


Got this complain from user RW1 (aka Randall Wetmore):

What is going on at your site?  I've had numerous posts deleted that were in no way a violation of the comments policy and directly on topic.

Why the apparent censorship?  Are you aware that this is going on?  I know other members have been censored as well.

I posted the following on the Trenberth on Tracking Earth's energy: A key to climate variability and change:

"Kevin T (RE: 68)

<i>"Comment 17 asks about "back radiation" which is really "downwelling radiation" that is the downward component emitted from the atmosphere in all directions. Clouds, water vapor, and all the greenhouse gases play a key role and the emissions correspond to the temperature of the air."</i>

Thanks for the clarification. It appears then that you agree that of the 396 W/m^2 emitted radiatively at the surface, 333 W/m^2 is NOT coming back to the surface from the atmosphere. Correct? Might ask how much you think is coming back and why?

You also appear to dispute that the full post albedo of 239 W/m^2 ultimately gets to the surface one way or another. I do not see how Conservation of Energy is satisfied with all your numbers unless it does. I have made this contention here multiple times, so I'd be most interested in your explanation.

I suspect the ambiguity of the issue involves there being no return path for latent heat in the form of precipitation in the diagram, as post albedo energy "absorbed by the atmosphere" (mostly clouds) that ends up being radiated out to space without ever reaching the surface is simply trading off energy emitted from the surface absorbed by clouds that would otherwise be leaving the planet, and subsequently falling back to the surface kinetically in the form of precipitation. So indirectly, the full post albedo gets to the surface by requiring less of what's absorbed by the atmosphere from the surface to be leaving the planet.

Surely you don't believe the 80 W/m^2 of latent heat moved from the surface into the atmosphere is all returning to the surface in the form of downward emitted LW, do you? This is what your diagram appears to depict."

Can you see that is gets re-posted?


Randall Wetmore

Had a look at the Deleted Comments page, the moderation comment (from Rob) says "SSDD" - what does that stand for?

2011-07-25 20:05:41
Rob Painting

Same Shit Different Day  - see previous discussions here and here. That guy just keeps repeating the same nonsense over and over again no matter how many times things are patiently explained to him. And I suspect the two syllables in his surname are transposed.