2011-07-16 05:29:16Note to moderators - restrict any response graphics to 475 pixels wide
John Cook


Note this DB response featured a graphic (500 pixels wide) that was pushing the web design too wide. I resized it to 475 pixels wide so the design is no longer stretching. So if you're going to post a graphic in a moderator's green box response, make sure it's no wider than 475 pixels.

2011-07-16 05:57:25
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Sorry, John.  I didn't realize the moderation box size limit was smaller than the blog width limit of 570.  I had been using 500 (which I use when writing blog posts) because I thought that would give me a safety margin (and 500 was easy to remember).

I will use 475 from now on (or the default of 450 as shown on the Posting Tips page).