2011-06-18 04:53:41MoreCarbonOk Henry


I know I'm turning into a curmudgeon (just like these angry, old, retired denier engineers/physicists/geologists/weathermen, Lord help me!)...

But I don't think we should be letting MoreCarbonOk (aka Henry) use SkS as a site to promote his own site full of drivel.  He's clearly using every single post as an opportunity to link to and promote his personal brand of science.  The effort is fatally transparent, and he doesn't miss a chance.

At a minimum, I'd cut his links from his posts, but I'm not sure you can do that when we always ask people to provide links (although to substantive sources, not made up drivel).

But abusing SkS just to promote his Galilean ego-trip is a bit much.

-- Bob