2011-06-16 01:01:26A New, Supplemental Copy.Paste Menu for Moderation?


I expressed some frustration on the "Jon Nicol" thread.  There seems to be a behavior of late of new deniers popping in, and doing the usual... trotting out a deluge of heavily debunked, vaccuous arguments, often at great length, and derailing threads.

I personally try to thwart these by quickly identifying the salient mistakes, to harm the credibility of the post as a whole.  But really, if someone wants to read the original comment and instantly think "hmm, he has points, this site's premise is a joke" and stop there... the damage is done.

My goal is to keep the silent handful of true skeptics who visit the site (and maybe in all of J.Q. Public it's actually more than a handful) from being confused by such comments.


Identify ahead of time and list certain comments/statements/arguments that are just way out of line, like the fabled troposheric hot spot, the 2nd Law of Thermo, etc.  Things that are really just so silly that anyone who is mentioning them is clearly just on a crusade to derail the science.

For anything that's really so bad that it's not only OT, but also just a pain to have in there, cluttering up the thread, let the moderator replace it in the original comment with a copy/paste bit of text for the moderators along the lines of:

[Needless reference to a thoroughly debunked argument snipped : go <a href="whereever">here to learn more</a>, and why it's so very wrong. ]

This will get the annoying clutter out of the posts, and eliminate the denier tactic of just going back to the same old tired wells, because they bear fruit for them.

Doing this in turn eliminates the need for others to reply (often more than one person), and for any thread to derail into a discussion of uninteresting nonsense, rather than topical and current real science.

I know this is even more work for the moderators, but maybe it will actually reduce the work load (i.e. less thinking and decision making involved, because the trigger and response are sort of preprogrammed... identify the behavior, snip and paste the response).

It's just an idea.  [Sorry, I tend to have a lot of "ideas."  It's in my nature.]