2011-06-06 22:57:52New spammer tactic
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Commenter Lars Bergestrom contributed a seemingly thoughtful comment this morning.  In this process of replying to him, I noticed some hidden link coding in his message:

ver<span class="plainlinks"><a href="http://www.pbali.com"><span style="color:#000000;font-weight:normal; text-decoration:none!important; background:none!important; text-decoration:none;">bali</span></a>ze

Results in verbalize (verbalize without the above code) with "bali" containing the hidden link to http://www.pbali.com.

Anyway, since "Lars" (IP from Indonesia) composed more than 1 comment, with each comment similarly containing a hidden SPAM link, I removed the hidden html from each comment and then reset the account to SPAMMER.

The lengths some are going to these days...

2011-06-07 01:54:23


On the Manpollo-forums we had something similar a while ago: a seemingly innocent post where a link to the spammer's website was invisible as the text was set to the page's background color.

2011-06-07 11:56:55!important


Daniel: well spotted!


In case it may be of use:


CSS commands work from last to first unless the term !important is used, in which case each new command with !important appended takes precedence over any following command.


The effect is used legitimately to produce different effects in different browsers, but can be tweaked to obfuscate/hide code.