2011-04-20 16:19:56What do moderators need to help moderate and monitor trolling
John Cook


If I create a reporting page for moderators, what would moderators like to see in this? Possible features:

  • Search by username, which brings up user IP address and latest comments with IP
  • Search by IP to see whether more than 1 user is using same IP
2011-04-20 21:20:02


The following might also be helpful:

  • complete list of user-names, associated email-address and IP-addresses in order to possibly detect "patterns" like IP-address ranges or similar user-names
  • If user-names and/or IP-addresses have already been banned this should be visible
2011-04-21 03:18:53

Current user search doesn't show moderator comments or indicate which comments were deleted. It would be helpful if this information was accessible per user so we could see what kind of moderation was applied to a user in the past.