2011-03-24 13:49:07Privacy query about a feature on the Deleted Comments Thread
Glenn Tamblyn


On the main comment list entries give the text from the post, while in the deleted comments thread their is also the 'email commenter' feature. I can see why someone might like to get in touch with the commenter but isn't this an issue of invasion of privacy. Blogs are all about preserving peoples anonymity unless they want to reveal it. 

Doesn't this open up the possibility of them then being subject to stalking etc. Have they given permission for their contact details to be made public?

2011-03-24 14:28:42Deleted comments
John Cook


Note - only users who have their account upgraded to author status can view the Deleted Comments page so all that info including the emails is not open to the general public.

That said, on my to-do list is updating that from an email link to a form where you send a message through a webpage and it logs your message in the system, to keep everything trackable. Low down on the to-do list, I'll admit.

2011-03-24 15:21:27
Glenn Tamblyn


Thanks for the clarification John