2011-03-24 09:12:54Ken's email complaint to me
John Cook


Got this from Ken Lambert:

Hi John,

Daniel Bailey is continually and unfairly censoring my posts.  I have raised this previously with you - and it is becoming clear that my dissenting views are now a threat to his views.  Players cannot become umpires, and then players again.

You risk the debate becoming a round of backslapping for the converted.


Ken Lambert

My response

Hi Ken,

I see plenty of skeptic comments still visible in the threads. It’s the ones that violate the comments policy that get deleted. The comments that express a skeptic point of view while resisting the urge for ad hominems or ideological comments are the ones that stay up (and I think the conversation is better for it).



2011-03-24 09:43:42Hmm
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

To be completely honest, I do not feel like I treat Ken any differently from anyone else.

He does have a spiteful side to his personality that runs a little deeper than does others, I feel.  A couple of his comments, at least for awhile, were not only on-topic but insightful.  I felt like cheering for him.  But then it seems he can no longer hold it in & he starts with the sniping comments (like "ratbag") or going off on his OHC pet peeve regardless of the thread topic.

I think he's basically a lonely, crotchedy man with few friends and I truly feel sorry for him.

That being said, John, I'll leave his comments to other to moderate if you feel that's appropriate.

2011-03-24 10:19:24Moderating Ken
John Cook


If he violates the comments policy, delete the comment - it's as simple as that.

If it's a grey area, if you're tempted to delete a comment because it's simply full of crap, best to leave it.

2011-03-24 13:03:18
Glenn Tamblyn


Perhaps a sliding scale of severity could be applied to the comments policy. Ad Hom's, stalking, abuse and foul language etc - 1 strike your out. Off topic, some leniency and then requests to move to another thread. I have also suggested that a facility to allow a moderator to actually move a comment to the appropriate thread might be useful. Its not OT if its on the right thread. That allows people to comment on what they want to without derailing a thread.


2011-03-24 16:19:34
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

I think Glenn's onto something...give the mod's the ability to "re-file" an off-topic comment into a more appropriate thread might make for less strife.

Potential problems:

  1. Some will continue to post off-topic
  2. Some comments are a Gish Gallop & where do you put those?

Nice idea; would also make it possible for the mod's to un-delete comments accidentally deleted (hey, it DOES happen)...

2011-03-24 16:23:13
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

While we're on the subject, how about time out's?

(lessee if my memory of my soccer days is sharp):

Yellow card = Warnings (ad hom's, foul language, etc)

Red Card = 1 week time out in the penalty box (repeated yellow cards)

Black Card = Permanent ban (stalking and or threats)