2011-01-25 23:59:03Threads for general discussion
Glenn Tamblyn


I don't know if this belongs under moderation but...

There have been some interesting conversations with Jim Landy recently that are definitely drifting OP but look useful. A genuine (seeming) sceptic who wants to discuss, which is great in front of the lurkers. But the discussion then inevitably wanders off post.

Do we need a vehicle for carrying on general conversations that are not post specific to encourage guys like this to debate (in front of the lurkers) where there isn't a pressure to moderate it off because it is off-post?

2011-01-26 00:14:39Great idea
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey
An open post would be a welcome relief valve.
2011-01-26 01:11:30Others do this as well


For example Kate has an open thread for each month on her blog Climatesight.

Joe Romm now has the highly popular weekend open threads and RealClimate has the Unforced variations.

The only thing to consider is, if dicussions via comments to a blog-post are the best route or if another "open" forum like the one for the "Scientific Guide to Global Warming" might be better in the long run. I don't have much of an idea which of the two options would be easier to manage and how to encourage people to take these types of discussion into a forum.


2011-01-26 15:36:00General forum
John Cook

I always thought I'd eventually add a general forum - would take a few seconds to set up so is the easiest option for me. Can do this if people think it's a good idea.