2010-12-04 22:44:12damorbel's comments are pure gibberish ...

... but I might have gone a bit too far in response.  If anyone thinks that attempt at humor is inappropriate, please delete it.  Thanks.
2010-12-05 02:29:55
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

I dunno, seems a gray area to me.  You identify his remarks as gibberish (which they are).  You give an alternative phrasing which is equally (but more obviously) gibberish.  At no point do you say anything to characterize damorbel as anything because his remarks are gibberish.  The words are ridiculous, but nothing that directly says that because the words are ridiculous, therefore the person who wrote them is.  John would have to weigh in on it.


Kudo's however for this bit "the 2nd Earl of Ambergris"