2010-11-08 23:05:03Oops ... HELP!


Oh, dear.  I was trying to get rid of the latest spammer, who posted this:


anab01 at 20:07 PM on 8 November 2010

Keep those PJs on: a La Niña cannot erase decades of warming
Hi Friends,
Global warming causes many problems like changes in natural seasonal cycle due to that weather forcasting becomes false.
Motorhome Facts St Jans Cappel



(Note the spam link to motorhome insurance...)  But I accidentally clicked the "spam" link next to CBDunkerson's name by accident!

John, is it possible to rescue CBDunkerson from the spam hell to which I have wrongfully dispatched him/her?  

I am deeply embarrassed...... Feel free to serve up my head on a platter.  Sorry!

2010-11-08 23:30:04


I've emailed CBDunkerson with an explanation, and emailed John Cook directly (in case he checks his email before reading this forum).

I hate to raise suggestions of things that make more work for John, but ... as noted in this other thread, there have been a couple of incidents of moderators (not just me!) accidentally deleting comments unintentionally. It would be nice if there were some way we could undo our own deletions if necessary.  (Not necessarily other people's ...)  Obviously, the optimal solution to this problem is not to accidentally delete comments in the first place....