2010-08-17 09:14:17Page that lets you see comments by a specific user
John Cook


I wrote this page for myself a while back and it suddenly occured to me that it might be useful to other moderators. The page lets you select a specific user and view their last 40 comments:


2010-08-18 09:47:06Isn't that already in the Moderator Admin tools?


Hey, John.  That looks like the same thing we already have in our Moderator Admin page:




Or is it different?  If I'm confused, my apologies!

2010-08-19 09:32:13Confusion warranted
John Cook

Uhh... yes, that's exactly the same thing. This blasted website is getting so bloated and full-featured, I can't even remember what I've already programmed! Can't believe I programmed a page that I'd already written :-(