2010-08-14 18:42:35Bug (inadvertent feature) reports


Hope you don't mind if I start a thread for these, John.

I've noticed that entries for "reason for deletion" entered via the extremely handy new monolithic version of the moderators' comments inspection/editing/deleting list  are not appearing in the "Deleted Comments" view.

2010-08-14 20:04:50missing reasons
John Cook

Ah, I was wondering why all your recent deletions weren't showing reasons. Will look at this tonight. Thanks for the report.
2010-10-24 07:13:14Another small glitch in moderation comments carrying across?


I've noticed that when I delete a comment from a particular discussion thread (as opposed to the master comments list) the "reason for deletion" comment I make does not carry across to the "deleted comments" record. 

I'm not sure if this is happening -all- the time but I'm sure it's happening w/a significant number of deletions.