2011-06-17 10:13:51Broken media for Lindzen interview
John Cook


Just got this email

Apart from Lindzen 1989 (10 quotes) and the 2008-one: The other (13, all from 6Apr2011) quotes from Skeptical Science on Lindzen sayings informs:
”Media Player
You are not authorized to view this resource.”.
Being logged in makes no change.
(A participant on Earth perhaps would like to see the facts. Thank you).
The much more elegant SkS-collection given in
works better. Very convincing. All links work fine.

Can anyone help with this? Know how we can find a working version of the interview?

2011-06-17 13:12:21
Dana Nuccitelli

Well crap, it's a good thing we got the quotes transcribed.  I doubt we'll be able to find another copy of it.

2011-06-21 10:08:32Follow-up
John Cook


Followup email:

The corrupted Lindzen-links to ”Lindzen Illusions!”, John Cook;
I’ve made a short investigation (to eventually help on the corrupted links):
If the link-anchor to the sky-blue highlighted »Source» is replaced with
a maximized webb-window appears (separately) with the actual Australian radio interview (6Apr2011) — and a direct link to YouTube (buttonRightDown) with a list of (all the) other climate interviews by Australian radio Chris Smith (John Christy, and others).
Source to the above, and an english transcript of the interview, was found (20Jun2011) at

If anyone has time to look into this and update the source links, would be much appreciated.