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 2011-10-18-Intermediate rebuttal #28 - Climategate - Broken Link to MBH98.html
 2011-09-28-Intermediate Rebuttal #199 _ Northwest passage has been navigated in the past.html
 2011-09-07-CO2 is a Trace Gas - Intermediate Rebuttal.html
 2011-03-09-160 - Coral atolls grow as sea level rises.html
 2011-02-20-Intermediate 168_ Ljungqvist broke the hockey stick.html
 2011-02-18-Intermediate Rebuttal for the _missing hot spot_.html
 2011-01-23-Intermediate Rebuttal No.135 - more CO2 increases coral calcification.html
 2011-01-10-Ocean Acidification Isn't Serious - New Rebuttal Commissioned by John Cook.html
 2011-01-10-INTERMEDIATE Rebuttal 136_ It's a natural cycle.html
 2011-01-04-Intermediate Rebuttal No.148 - Coral are resilient to bleaching .html
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 2010-11-11-Ice Sheet Losses are Overestimed.Response to Wu et al. 2010.html
 2010-11-07-Intermediate 139_ It's too hard.html
 2010-10-19-Intermediate #134_ Humidity is falling.html
 2010-10-10-Intermediate 132_ DMI shows Arctic cooling (and diagrees with GISS).html
 2010-09-30-Rebuttal #120_ CO2 is plant food (UPDATE_ removed until I work on it some more).html
 2010-09-20-INTERMEDIATE Rebuttal 129_ Breathing contributes to CO2 buildup..html
 2010-09-19-Intermediate rebuttal 108_ The IPCC consensus is phony.html
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 2010-09-08-INTERMEDIATE rebuttal #125_ Positive feedback means runaway warming.html
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 2010-08-31-Intermediate rebuttal # 54 Volcanoes emit more CO2 than humans.html
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