2011-11-27 17:52:34Intermediate rebuttal #3 - Consensus - Broken Links


While working on the German version for this rebuttal for klimafakten.de, Toralf found several broken links and tried to track down their current locations. Here is the list of the ones which need to be exchanged:

Australian Coral Reef Society:

Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences

European Geosciences Union

European Physical Society

Geological Society of Australia
I'm a bit "worried" about this link as it doesn't go to the GSA's homepage and I don't find this particular position statement on their website. The policies' page has one for "Intelligent design" but I can't find one about climate change. Have they changed their position?

I guess that these types of changes - assuming that the new links are correct - don't warrant a new version of the rebuttal? Or is one now always being created regardless of the route taken to edit it?