2011-09-30 03:11:34Renewables in UK up 50%
Paul D


Some good news:


2011-09-30 05:21:57
Paul D


Spotted this article:


"Rupert Soames, the chief executive of Aggreko, one of the country's largest energy generators, has described the strategy (The Scottish renewable energy policy) as “bonkers”.

And wondered who Aggreko were. Never heard of them, so did a Google:


Their core business is renting out large portable diesel and gas powered generator units.

2011-09-30 05:25:34
Paul D


And Trump is still blabbering on about the wind farm near his golf course:


2011-09-30 06:53:42
Julian Brimelow

Good news indeed, almost 10% of energy from renweables.....and  going up.

2011-09-30 19:15:21
Mark Richardson

There are some fair concerns about the cost of offshore wind farms, but it looks doable.

The UK's currently wasting money on solar PV though, which is approximately useless in the UK and very, very expensive to boot. Will probably be a PR disaster (as well as a huge waste of money which could have been spent on wind or marine power).

2011-09-30 21:56:55
Paul D


I think Solar PV is changing rapidly and part of the problem is that a lot of these current installations will look inefficient in a few years time. If someone is buying a system, they are investing for 20 years or so. A better idea is to lease the panels and for the leasing company to install and change the panel types based on what makes sense to their business and what is available.

It's what used to happen with TVs when they were rapidly developing and were unreliable and expensive, it made a lot of sense to rent and get uptodate models when they became available.

Eventually it may make more sense to buy the panels outright.