2011-09-30 00:58:32National Round Table on the Economy and the Environment
Robert Way


National Round Table on the Economy and the Environment
with relevance to Canada.
Lots of good discussion and graphics... Very interesting report for all countries.


2011-09-30 02:04:51
Julian Brimelow

Hi Robert,

I just saw that, pretty sobering stuff....sadly i note very little attention is paid to mitigation, and when they do they say "Global mitigation reduces Canadian economic impacts".  How about what we are going to do to reduce GHGs?



  • Climate change is expensive
  • There is a risk that the costs could be far higher than we expect
  • Adaptation can save us money
  • Global mitigation reduces Canadian economic impacts and makes adaptation cheaper
  • The costs of climate change impacts and adaptation are uneven across the country

[Read our detailed findings]


  • Ignoring climate change costs now will cost us more later
  • Adaptation isn ’t cost -free but often yields benefits
  • Adaptation policy and decision making can benefit from economic assessments

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Canadians can and should use economic information to decide how to best prepare for, and respond to, the impacts of climate change. Our recommendations are as follows:

  • The Government of Canada invest in growing our country’s expertise in the economics of climate change impacts and adaptation so we have our own Canadian-focused, relevant data and analysis for public and private-sector decision makers.
  • The Government of Canada cost out and model climate impacts to inform internal decisions about adapting policies and operations to climate change and allocating scarce resources to programs that help Canadians adapt.
  • Governments at all levels continue investing in generating and disseminating research to inform adaptation decision making at the sectoral, regional, and community level. This research should, as a matter of routine, incorporate economic analysis of the costs and benefits of options to adapt to climate impacts because the current data is insufficient for decision makers and is not readily or consistently available.
  • The Government of Canada forge a new data- and analysis-sharing partnership with universities, the private sector, governments, and other expert bodies to leverage unique and available nongovernmental resources for climate change adaptation.
2011-09-30 04:08:10Parallel General Chat Thread
John Hartz
John Hartz

See "Paying the price of climate change - new Canadian report"

2011-09-30 04:12:04Draft Blog Post
John Hartz
John Hartz

Using the NRT's news release, I cranked-out a draft blog post.