2011-09-30 02:36:53Interesting new interpretation on overturning the greenhouse theory
Rob Honeycutt


I've never seen this guy before...  Carl Brehmer.  He recreates the greenhouse in a bottle experiment but does it by accounting for thermal expansion of the air inside the bottle and says that, when you allow both bottles to release pressure the CO2 bottle and the normal air bottle warm at the same rates, thus the experiment shows no radiative effects from CO2.

He goes on to suggest that there is no greenhouse effect at all.  The reason the temperature of the planet is 33C warmer is because of the thermal compression of the atmosphere.  

There's sure to be a Nobel Prize in this one!  //sarc 


2011-09-30 02:46:24


He doesn't understand lower-division physics: perfect gas law, etc.

2011-09-30 03:36:17
John Garrett

This sounds like an area in which denialism is still unsettled. Was it the Gerlich and Tschucher (sp?) paper that expounded on the fact that the atmosphere is not like a greenhouse structure, therefore implying that greenhouse gas theory is invalid. And then we get people like Brehmer using miniature greenhouses as models of the atmosphere, and declaring greenhouse gas theory invalid. It seems like a potential cartoon illustration if I can get the hook right.