2011-09-30 14:14:13Galileo Movement contradicts itself
Julian Brimelow

Look who the advisors are for the Galileo Movement in Australia:

Professor Tim Ball Warwick Hughes Professor Fred Singer Professor Dick Lindzen Bill Kininmonth Professor Bob Carter Professor Ian Plimer David Archibald  Professor Peter Ridd Professor Garth Paltridge Dr Vincent Gray Dr Jennifer Marohasy Jo Nova Des Moore John Nicol David Flint  Andrew Bolt John McLean David Evans Pat Michaels Joe D'Aleo Viscount Monckton


Their purported guiding principles ironically include:

"Honesty: rely on factual data, ensure decisions are based on facts;

Fact based science: protect and use science, a key to human progress, objective and fair decisions and freedom" 

and under "Purpose and Aims" ironically include:"Protect science and restore scientific integrity"

Sounds great does it not?  But, there is a very big problem with those proclamations, because unfortunately those lofty ethics and goals do not seem to be endorsed or even practised by several of their advisers, as has been demonstrated multiple times here at SkepticalScience and elsewhere. Some of the names on that list shocked me.  What are Drs. Lindzen and Gray thinking?

2011-09-30 14:14:52
Julian Brimelow

Sorry for the URL tags, I pasted it from the Galileo thread.


2011-09-30 15:10:27
Tom Curtis


I have previously commented on the irony of a member of the "Galileo Movement" threatening to lock up climate scientists because of their research:


Christopher Monckton:


"So to the bogus scientists who have produced the bogus science that invented this bogus scare I say, we are coming after you. We are going to prosecute you, and we are going to lock you up."



2011-09-30 16:22:57
John Mason


This crowd remind me of blackheads when you are a teenager - they just keep popping up everywhere!!!


Cheers - John

2011-09-30 16:49:34The Australian Arm
Glenn Tamblyn


So its really the Australian branch of the firm with some support from Head Office. Including the Patriarch Fred Singer. Andrew Bolt must be feeling comfy. Makes up for him loosing a civil case for racial vilification -sorry, his right to free-speech.

To put a different spin on it, the 'honest settlers' are circling the wagons to put up a united defence against those evil, savage injuns. And the Native People - Columbus never did reach India - are trying to decide whether to ignore them or wipe them out. They are trespassers after all. But while we wait, from within the circle pots of coffee are being boiled - till it is undrinkable, children are being lullabied to sleep and the singing of rousing hymns echo's through the night. They feel all so virtuous and besieged. When actually they are just ignorant trespassers.

2011-09-30 17:07:13
Paul D


Andrew Bolt is on the list as an science advisor?

2011-09-30 17:28:56Andrew Bolt is on the list as an science advisor?...
Glenn Tamblyn


Well he seemed to be able to tell that someone with a lighter skin 'couldn't' be aboriginal. They covered coulours in Year 8 Science. I'm not sure he did year 12 Bilogy where they covered recessive genes. But hey... If he knows somne 'science', why can't he advise... someone or other... Maybe his own sub-editor!

2011-10-01 04:51:31


Re: Monckton.

If he wants to go dig up Tyndall and Arrhenius and put them in prison, I say let him, provided it gets put out live on global TV.

2011-10-01 05:18:07


Monckton is getting a little bit carried away. This could end badly for him, I feel.

2011-10-01 05:55:36
Rob Honeycutt


I've gotten into a long comment exchange with a couple of the Galileo Movement folks on their Axe the Tax video.

I have to say, they must not be putting their best and brightest on the task of commenting.  I also get the distinct sense that the people who are commenting are actually paid staffers.  They'd never admit it but it sure seems like it.

2011-10-01 17:49:21
Brian Purdue


You might be right Neal - this is from Monckton's latest post at WUWT - more enemies every day. I made a late post to Galileo comments.

lucia says:

Monckton’s claim that

“Strictly speaking, one should also add the non-radiative transports of 78 Watts per square meter for evapo-transpiration and 24 for thermal convection (see Kimoto, 2009, for a discussion) ”

is simply wrong because the analysis in Kimoto 2009 is flawed. It is the analysis in Kimoto that will result in computations of Planck parameters that are no more likely correct than values drawn out of a hat.

I have posted specific challenge questions for Monckton.

The challenge questions are simple and should be readily answered by anyone who can understand the math and physical claims in the derivation of (18) in Kimoto. The flaws in this derivation were discussed in my previous post: Monckton has not addressed these flaws in any way whatsoever.

I would like Monckton, or anyone who thinks one can use equation (18) in Kimoto to compute Planck parameter– as Monckton has done to drop by and take the challenge. Those who know how to take derivatives and who took know how to solve very simple differential equations will quickly identify the assumptions in the derivation and come to recognize that the derivation of (18) has serious shortcomings.

The shortcomings cannot be overcome by ignoring them, writing “see Kimoto” or decreeing oneself correct.

I will be posting regarding other more nunaced issues touching on Moncktons claims in his current post at a later time.



2011-10-01 19:43:57
Brian Purdue


I’ve just seen rogues gallery photos of “climate misfits” and “unpublished skeptics” – where’s racist Andrew Bolt???

2011-10-01 20:15:10



I was actually thinking more of this:

"So to the bogus scientists who have produced the bogus science that invented this bogus scare I say, we are coming after you. We are going to prosecute you, and we are going to lock you up."

This is starting to look seriously unbalanced, possibly indicating a need for clinical attention.



By the way, if anyone wants to play physics games with Lucia and Monckton, the Kimoto paper can be found for free at:


2011-10-01 21:01:39
Brian Purdue



Looks like Monckton has been making a fool of himselve over Stefan-Boltzmann law for a long time. This is a short biography on him I've had for a coulpe of years. 

"Lord Monckton: Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley is not a climatologist or a climate researcher. He is a business consultant and former Thatcher government adviser who has carried out no scientific research on climatology and has not had a single piece of work published in any peer-review scientific journal anywhere on the planet. He has no qualifications whatsoever in either climatology or meteorology. He does however have a diploma in journalism and a hereditary peerage. His attempts at making a contribution to the debate on global warming has left him with egg on his face. One example was when it became obvious that he ludicrously misunderstand the Stefan-Boltzmann law, that made him a laughing stock among first year undergraduates.

He has spent a great deal of energy lately attempting to establish himself as offering 'scientific' perspectives on human caused global warming. Rebuttal to Lord Monckton's arguments: his perspectives largely contain facts out of context, non sequitur and red herring arguments, as well as straw man constructions that are anything but scientifically sound when examined in context of the relevant science".


2011-10-01 21:30:36


Yes, I've glanced at a couple of his calculations. He doesn't have a clue as to how the GHE really works, mathematically.