2011-09-29 08:12:31Watts saddles up to Delingpole
Dana Nuccitelli

Watts sure knows how to pick his buddies.  First Goddard, then Monckton, now Delingpole.  He wants to be taken seriously, yet he pals around with the worst of the worst.  And then Pielke says he's committed to good science.  Bah.

2011-09-29 08:26:24
Julian Brimelow

So Watts is now allied with the "Interpreter of interpretations". LOL.

Re "Watermelons",  they are still going on about that and that we want to rule the world.  I thought Monckton said that we  are fascists? ;) I wish they would make up their minds.

And isn't calling someone  who is concerned about AGW a "watermelon" ad hominem?  And apparently Anthony endorses this BS...

I didn't bother rwading the comments, probably filled with vitriol and hate talk.

Re Pielke, he and Anthony are very tight.