2011-09-29 02:18:47From a church billboard in the USA: "Global warming is a hoax, hell isn't"
Julian Brimelow

Major face palm, wrong on so many levels.  Saw it here.

2011-09-29 08:13:13
Dana Nuccitelli

Heh that's a great summary of the state of mind of the American right-wing.

2011-09-29 19:36:59Not all Christians are red-necks!


Unfortunately, the American right-wing is packed with Christians who are in the grip of rapture theology and conspiracy theories, and just don’t care about the Earth. I think that the majority of the world’s Christians, including myself, have a different view to them when it comes to protecting the environment.

If you are attacked by end-of-the-world obsessed Christians who claim global warming is a hoax, I suggest you point them to this reference in their own favourite book: Revelation 8:7-11

As I suggest in my Bible study guide, perhaps we are seeing a fulfilment of this prophecy now as the Earth heats up (v.7), the oceans become acidified (v.8-9),  and the rivers become polluted and saline (v.10-11).

2011-09-29 19:44:06



I'm not sure that's a winning strategy: That might just encourage them to promove more AGW, since it will accelerate the end times.