2011-09-29 09:49:00Another example of SkS being used in education
John Cook


Got this email from the University of Colorado, Boulder - another example of SkS being used by educators and universities. The goal of becoming a definitive, authoritative resource is coming together, I think:

I direct the Education and Outreach group at CIRES (home of the Pielkes and of NSIDC), where we focus a great deal of our attention on climate education and on controversy in the classroom. We are very impressed with the clarity of your information and infographics and send people to SkS regularly from our teacher forum iceeonline.org/forum and webinars. I am also a co-I on the CLEAN project, for which John Cook recently gave a talk on a Cutting Edge workshop with SERC.  I'd like to talk with someone about our overlapping interests, be sure that our use of your information and infographics is not stepping on toes if properly credited. At this time we are working on an online course and set of climate literacy modules for science teachers which is driven by teaching needs, including identifying and addressing misconceptions and controversy.  

Need to develop two aspects on SkS: set up the data feed and make the creative commons aspects more visible, encouraging people to use our content more. A lot of people already use it so imagine if we hand it to them on a silver platter.

2011-09-29 10:57:33
Dana Nuccitelli

Very cool.  Yeah, this gives us another excuse to make our stuff free for reuse.

2011-09-29 11:58:12Gives me further motivation to keep building and refining the rebuttal database
John Cook


Am very keen to program the Archives/Versions feature today so we can press onward and upward with updating the rebuttals. It's very encouraging that not only is our material being read on the web and iPhone app by hundreds of thousands but also being reused in university and college courses. Both encouraging and motivating to continue to do better.