2011-09-27 13:24:46"Audit" of SkS's use of "denier" complete.
Alex C


I finished the "audit" of our site earlier today (almost yesterday where I am) on how frequently and in what context we use the word "denier," and similar derivatives/roots (as opposed to Watts' suggestion that people merely do a site-search on Google for the phrase).  In case anyone is interested, I uploaded it here.  I will probably try to come up with a nice summary of the occurrences (e.g. as a spreadsheet) soon, though don't know when that will be complete.

Interesting schtuff.

2011-09-27 13:55:21
Julian Brimelow

Geez Alex, that must have taken you a while.  Thanks.  Hopefully it comes in useful for John.

2011-09-27 14:21:05My take
John Cook


Just for the record, here's my thoughts that I emailed to Alex earlier today:

Useful summary. I think it would be useful for a third party to post this info if they wanted to argue that SkS doesn't use the word denier in a holocaust sense. But I'm not sure SkS should post it ourselves because then we will be engaging WUWT in an area he wishes to move the conversation rather than the area where we wish to be, which is on the scientific evidence. Our focus needs to be either on the evidence or on how misinformers deny the evidence.