2011-09-27 02:07:24Arctic sea ice is melting far faster than climate models predict. Why?
John Hartz
John Hartz

The above is the sub-title to "Climate change in the Arctic: Beating a retreat" published in the print ecition of The Econiomist and posted on Sep 24, 2011.

This article, in my oinion, is both very well written and very well researched.

It is also a very important article in terms of objectively communicating the scine of climate change to the readership base of The Economist.

2011-09-28 01:23:23


Very well researched .... yes.    But it didn't go quite far enough.

Not one word about the fact that most warming has gone into the oceans and that the underside of the ice is always in contact with ocean waters.

2011-09-28 01:37:38


Another good point: When I looked at them, nearly all the comments were sane.