2011-09-27 12:12:45Another source of misinformation by Christy
Julian Brimelow

Hi all,

I stumbled across this rather bizarre tal that John Chrsity gave in early 2010.  He recycles his favurite myths and memes, but there could be some new gold in them thar hills. John has asked me to post the link to his talk and for people to go through it and add new quotes to the databse, here:


You can watch the talk here:


Warning:  Put down hots drinks etc.

2011-09-27 14:21:12
Dana Nuccitelli

I added quotes from the first half today.  Lots of 'surface temperature record is wrong' and 'climate models are unreliable'.  Then he compares Hansen '88 to UAH and RSS data.  Ummmm Christy, Hansen didn't make TLT projections, he made surface temperature projections.  How about comparing apples to apples?  'cept he doesn't believe the surface temp record is accurate, so I guess that's his excuse.

If anybody wants to add quotes from the second 18 minutes, feel free.  Otherwise I'll finish it up later this week.  Hopefully we can find some good material for a Christy Mythstery in there.  There wasn't anything in particular I felt needed a fresh rebuttal in the first half.  Same old same old - myths we've heard a million times before.