2011-09-26 14:33:07Lovely quote from Roy Spencer
John Cook


Bumped into this old quote from Roy Spencer:

"I have not yet seen any compelling evidence that there exists a major flaw in the theory explaining the basic operation of the Earth’s natural Greenhouse Effect."

I've added it to the database of quotes from deniers debunking the more ludicrious climate myths. Eventually this resource will be large enough to go live with and when we do so, I think it will be a powerful resource. So please do keep an eye out for quotes from deniers debunking other denier myths and if you find one, add it to the database via:


(set the bias to ProAGW to make it appear on the deniers debunking page)

2011-09-26 15:55:56
Dana Nuccitelli

I added Pielke's "we should reduce CO2 emissions" quote yesterday too.  The list is starting to look pretty good.

2011-09-26 16:45:38Not to be picky, ...


but I'm gonna be picky: Are we, or are we not, abandoning the use of the term "denier"?

If we are, we should try to be consistent in our usage: on the Forum as well as on the open site. Otherwise, there will be slip-ups.

2011-09-26 19:13:20Neal, ya spoil sport
John Cook

You're that husky in the second row snapping at my haunch, right? :-)

Okay, my preferred term is 'misinformer', will try to go with that.